Learn Beginners Piano With A Live & Interactive
5 Lesson-Course - COMPLETELY FREE

If you've always wanted to play the piano, now you can go from absolute beginner to playing your first few songs in just 5 days with a LIVE piano teacher in this COMPLETELY FREE 5 day Online Mini-Course.

The first lesson starts 10am Monday 9th May
followed by a 1 hour daily lesson at the same time each day.
Spaces are limited - Please only book if you fully intend to attend.

Here's exactly what you will learn in my 5-Day Mini Course:

  • ​DAY 1: THE BASICS. (60 mins approximately)
    On Day 1, I am going to help you get crystal clear on some of the essential basics like where to place your hands, identifying octaves, finger numbering and finding middle C. We will learn a few of the important note names and get to understanding the layout of the keyboard. Finally, with all the info above locked in, we will learn our first simple melody in your right hand.
  • ​DAY 2: PLAYING WITH OUR LEFT HAND (60 mins approximately) Today, we will learn another simple piece of music, but this time we will play it with our left hand. We will then have a a look at some very basic music theory based on the songs you have been playing so far.  I will also share with you an amazing tip which will allow you to play literally thousands of popular songs.
  • ​DAY 3: READING MUSIC (60 mins approximately).                      Now it's time to learn some very basic music reading skills. This will help you so much moving forward and will open the doors to you learning any song you like in the future.​ We'll do a fun test at the end to see how much you've learnt.
  • DAY 4: LEARNING YOUR NEXT SONG (60 mins approximately) Now that you have learnt some basic music reading skills, we will continue to build on that knowledge and put it to the test by learning a new playing a piece by reading the music notation. This song requires both hands at once, but don't worry, it's easier than it sounds and it's fun.
  • Day 5: FINISH OUR SONG (60 MINS APPROXIMATELY) With most of your song learnt, we'll carry on perfecting it and add a part for the left hand. By the end of today, you should have 3 songs that you can now play on your piano, a basic understanding of how to read music and the ability to play along with thousands of songs.
  • EACH DAY WILL ALSO INCLUDE a fully interactive Q&A session at the end of each lesson. If you have any questions in between lessons, pop them in the group and I'll answer them for you. 

If it has been your dream to learn to the piano and play songs you love, then there has never been a better time to start than right now. 


Here's the problem: Getting started with learning piano isn't always easy! If you decide to go down the route of traditional piano lessons with a 1-1 piano teacher, not only will it cost you about £30 per session, but you'll also have to buy a couple of music books to get started, travel to their teaching studio and then hope that you remember everything they've taught you so that when you get home you can put it all into practice. On top of that, most piano teachers insist that you have an acoustic piano or a fully weighted electric piano to practice on and these can be quite pricey, especially for a good one. At this stage, you just want to see how you get on and find out if piano is for you.
The solution is simple: A FREE 5-day online mini course with an experienced piano teacher (me) teaching you everything you need to know. It's all live and interactive meaning that you will get a chance to ask any questions and each lesson will be live-streamed via the internet just like YouTube, meaning that you can learn in the comfort of your own home. And if technology worries you, don't worry! It's really easy and if you can browse Facebook, you already have the tech skill to join these lessons. The best part is that, even though each lesson is live and in real-time, I'll also send you the recording of the lesson so you can watch the replay as many times as you like, whenever you like.  On top of that, you'll be learning with a group of other friendly and supportive students who you can chat with and ask questions to. It couldn't be easier! Plus... all the lessons, the music book and even the software/app is totally FREE! 

By the way:
I understand that it's scary to do something new, especially in a group of strangers. But don't worry, you won't be asked to play in front of anyone else, so no one will hear you play. Plus, I guarantee that by the end of this piano course you will be glad of the friendly support and encouragement you'll get from your fellow students

So - Join me either in my exclusive Facebook Group or on a  Zoom video call for a CONTENT-PACKED, fully live and interactive Mini Course that will teach you how to master the basics of piano and finally fulfil your dream of sitting down at your keyboard and just playing a simple piece of music for your own entertainment. I don't hold back, so you will get real content and strategies that you can implement RIGHT NOW, and I ALWAYS answer questions live :)

Haven't got a piano? - You don't need one! I can teach you even without a keyboard to play on. You can either just practice on a flat surface or download a free piano app for your smart phone or i-pad. I'll send you more info about this in your welcome pack when you book your FREE spot.

What do I need to attend this course:

 You probably already have everything need to attend this course. :-

1. Internet connection - The course is delivered online, so you will need an internet connection to attend

2. Facebook or Zoom - These are both free and easy to use. When you sign up for the FREE 5 Day Mini-Course, I will send you simple instructions for getting started in your welcome pack. It's one click!

3. A piano - A keyboard or piano to practice on is preferable but not essential. In your welcome pack I will send you instructions for what to do if you don't have a keyboard to practice on.

4. One hour per day - This course will require 1 hour per day for course content but you are welcome to practice for an additional 20 minutes each day if you wish. 

As soon as you register for a place on this course, I will send you full and simple on everything you need to know and do to get started on this course and you can contact me if you need any further help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What if I miss a lesson?
A - Not a problem. Just watch the video on replay and catch up later. I'll email you the link to the video after each session.

Q - I'm not very technical. What equipment do I have to get to participate?
A - If you're reading this webpage, you've already got everything you need. You just need a computer/ laptop or a smart phone/tablet. If you are able to watch a you tube video, then you have everything you need already.

Q - I don't have a keyboard to learn on!
A - Don't worry, you can either practice on a flat surface or there's a free and simple app virtual piano app you can download for you tablet.

Q - Is this course ok for children?
A - Not really. This is particular workshop is more  structured with adult learning in mind.

Q - Does it matter that I'm a complete beginner?
A -  As the title implies, this course is ideally suited for complete beginners and people who have very basic knowledge of the piano.

Q - Can my friend join in?
A - Yes, of course. Just give them this link to claim their free spot: https://www.pianoforbeginners.co.uk


Lesson Schedule
Day 1) 10-11am, Mon 9 May 
Day 2) 10-11am, Tue 10 May 
Day 3) 10-11am, Wed 11 May
Day 4) 10-11am, Thu 12 May 
Day 5) 10-11am, Fri 13 May    
All lessons are recorded so, if you miss a lesson,
 you can watch the replay in your own time.

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